Color management

X-Rite is the global leader in end-to-end color management solutions, measurement, and control across a variety of industries. They are a large corporation with more than 20 offices all around the world.

X-Rite headquarters


When X-Rite contacted Enlight, their branch in Switzerland had trouble finding a team of skillful C++ developers to work on their portfolio products.

Strategic objectives

Enlight provided a six-member team that works on various products, including screen configuration tool (for Lenovo and Clevo), color checker passport, X-Rite bridge and Adobe plugins. X-Rite uses Scrum as an Agile methodology, which allows our team members to switch between projects flexibly.


The main risks associated with this project were the lack of domain knowledge (at the beginning) and the key-person risk. Only one person on the client side holds all knowledge about the projects.

What we did

With an open and proactive approach, we managed to gain domain knowledge and take over project knowledge and product owning roles on several projects.

Technology stack


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