Laetus is the world-leading supplier of innovative and value-adding quality and security inspection systems and complete track & trace solutions for a variety of industries.

Laetus stand at the fair.


Laetus planned on starting the development of a new generation of their track and trace system, which was to support requirements of the food industry, and they were looking for a partner. Their old software was developed to satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, but it could not match the requirements of speed and size the food industry required.

Strategic objectives

The task assigned to Enlight was to create a fully functional track & trace application that could be easily configurable and capable of supporting high food industry standards.


  • The main risk associated with this project was the incredibly short time frame in which the initial project was to be finished and deployed to the end client.
  • Due to significant time constraint, the project had a low probability of success and was labeled as such by the client. This meant it received less support from them.

What we did

  • Software that was capable of performing all the tasks requested by different applications.
  • We adjusted and deployed these applications in various locations around the world.
  • We participated in the development of Laetus’s pharmaceutical track & trace application “STTS” and the external communicator application.
  • Last but not least, we provided full 24/7 support for various projects where these applications had been used.

Technology stack


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