Video management

Geutebrück is an international provider of unique, intelligent and user-friendly video security software solutions and the associated hardware.

Geutebrück headquarters


When Enlight was contacted by Geutebrück, they planned on starting the development of a new generation of their video security software and they were looking for a partner. Their old software could not satisfy the needs of their clients and they decided to develop a new one.

Strategic objectives

The task assigned to Enlight was to create a fully functional, modular video surveillance software, first by investigating the potential tools, then by working on the architecture, and finally, on the development of specific modules that defined the requested solution.


  • The requirements were not clearly defined at the beginning;
  • The technology stack was unknown and there was a chance that the chosen stack wouldn’t be adequate.
  • The customer was not familiar with the management of large software development teams.
  • The software development process was not defined properly at the start of the project.

What we did

  • For Geutebrück, we developed software that was capable of performing all the tasks requested by their clients. This included: Federal identity management, Face recognition services, Synchronization services and other services required by the system.
  • With an open and proactive approach, we managed to improve the methodology used for the development of this project (Scrum). With experience Geutebrück gathered in work with our project management and by observing the process of work that we proposed to them, they managed to improve the overall process of work in their company.

Technology stack


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