Linear motion

Ewellix is a global innovator and manufacturer of Linear motion and Actuation solutions used in industrial automation, medical applications and mobile machinery. They are a large corporation with more than 1400 employees and 9 factories.



When Enlight was contacted by Ewellix in Liestal Switzerland, a branch of their company had trouble finding engineers to work on their portfolio products.

Strategic objectives

Enlight provided a team of engineers and consulting services for the project whose goal was to integrate Ewellix SlideKits with the robot systems created by Universal Robots.


  • The main risks associated with this project were the missing domain knowledge and lack of software development procedures from the client side.
  • Ewellix used Agile methodology for the mechanical production of their products, but they lacked experience in applying this methodology to the software development process.

What we did

  • With an open and proactive approach, we managed to gain domain knowledge and to apply Agile methodology with the CI practice into their software development process.
  • When this project had finished, cooperation extended, and now we are working on two additional projects for Ewellix. One being Automated hardware testing, and the other a generic platform for slide kit integration with the robot system, independently of the vendor.

Technology stack


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