Place where people stay.

We have retained 90% of our employees since foundation in 2016.

Our mission

Our software engineering teams help software dependent companies through long term partnerships. With your domain knowledge and our software development expertise we create reliable products together while allowing you to focus on your business, providing full transparency and optimizing resources.

Our vision

To provide high-quality, tailor-made software solutions by teams of skillful and dedicated engineers who can enlighten your visions.

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Office atmosphere

Employee benefits


Get permanent employment and a competitive salary.

Work-life balance

Quality time outside the office is important for your satisfaction at work.


Start your career in a company with a stable work environment.

Career development

Develop yourself through training, education and certification.


Respect for diversity is the key to a healthy work environment.

Health care

We cover your health care package and provide resources for a healthy living.


We offer flexible work arrangements, allowing you to better manage your time.


You get 22 days of vacation time annually to refresh and recharge.


We are located in Novi Sad’s city centre.

Jobs at Enlight

C++ Developer
JavaScript Developer
HR Manager
.NET Developer
PL/SQL Developer
Project Manager
System Administrator
T-SQL/C# Developer

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