Better process decisions lead to better outcomes.


Our project life cycle model identifies different project phases, procedures and artifacts necessary to start and complete each phase and establish control elements between and within the defined phases.


We nurture a context-sensitive approach to software development. It’s designed to factor in all the inherent complexities of solution delivery - the characteristics of uniqueness, emergence and adaption. Criteria include:

  • Team skills and culture
  • Requirements change
  • Realise frequency
  • Prior experience
  • Single/Multi-vendor project

Methodology expertise

We address the complexities of product delivery by encouraging clients to adopt Continuous Integration (CI) practices pragmatically and gradually.


Efficient Team Culture

We treat our teams the same way we want our clients to be treated since only satisfied and motivated people can provide the standard of service we promise. They must possess adequate knowledge and skills in order to contribute to the projects in a way that’s aligned with our company’s core values and mission.

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